TrafficMojo is a cloud-based, traffic generation platform that enables you to curate trending & engaging content online.

Our USPs-

  • One click integration – no need for APIs and authorisation keys
  • Create content and upload to Instagram Stories
  • Commercial Rights Included
  • Wide range of platforms and traffic sources
  • Drive traffic with custom hashtags

Our inbuilt editor enables users to
create their own images and memes.

Then they can use this content to create captivating and attractive media and promote their stores or websites by attracting huge Traffic on big social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr & Pinterest.

Software finds trending content

Easily create viral

Over 30,000 quotes and images to choose from

Built in designer

Add custom messages and hashtags

Drive Massive Traffic

 How Does TrafficMojo work?


Explore current trends – enter any keyword in any niche & find out trending content (media) that you can easily use for your traffic campaign.


Bookmark what you like – this is time-saving feature – you can bookmark unlimited content, so you do not need to repeat the research over & over again.


Design the traffic bait – turn the media files you found during the research into attractive media (cute image with clickbait title - quotes, etc...) for your traffic campaign.


Publish on social media websites – grab the media file you created with the designer, assign the post or page you want to promote & push it to a bunch of social media websites to get traffic.

See it in Action Here
Here is what’s included

TrafficMojo App Features:

Discover Trending Content on Social Networks - FB, Twitter, IG, Pinterest, Imgur, Giphy

Create Unlimited Campaigns.

Campaign Tracking to see your Performance

Create Engaging Quotes & Meme with our With The Built-in Designer

Over 30k+ Share-Ready Quotes and images library

One-Click Sharing Your Campaigns on Social Media

Add Custom Message & Hashtags to
Your Campaign

Auto Post / Schedule Campaigns on
FB, Twitter, Pinterest, IG, Imgur & Tumblr

Recurring syndications - Publish a Campaign every day, month or month

Retargeting - Add tracking codes to Campaign to retarget visitors easily

GIFs - find and publish

Create Instagram Stories

Quotes - find and publish

Front End - ELITE: $27

  • Create 100 Campaigns per Month
  • Discover Trending Content on Social Networks - Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Giphy, Imgur
  • Over 5k+ Share-Ready Quotes and Images
  • One-Click Sharing and scheduling on Twitter, Pinterest, FB, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Imgur
  • Create Engaging Quotes/Meme with our With The Built-in Designer
  • Add Custom Message & Hashtags to Your Campaign
  • Create Instagram Stories
  • Pixabay Integration
  • 3 Social Accounts per Network
50 FE accounts - $67
250 FE / OTO1 accounts - $97

  • Sell TrafficMojo and Keep 100% Commission

  • 12 weeks of group coaching
OTO1 - PRO: $47

In addition to everything on the FE:

  • Create Unlimited Campaigns
  • Over 25k+ Share-Ready Quotes and Images
  • One-Click Sharing and scheduling on Google +, Linked In
  • Recurring syndications - Publish a Campaign every day, month or year
  • Retargeting - Add tracking codes to retarget visitors easily
  • Commercial Rights
  • Team Access / Sub-Account
  • 1,000 DFY graphics
  • 10 Social Accounts per Network

  • 1,000 DFY Images Every Month
    - meme videos
    - meme pics
    - quotes videos
    - quotes pics
    - graphics

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